MOSHN & TSC Collaborate With MAX 2 Release

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MOSHN MAX 2 Wearable Device For Ride, Walk, Run, Secures Today’s Shopping Choice (TSC) as Newest Retail Distribution Partner.

Health Tech start-up focused on personalized, affordable fitness technology launches it’s wearable tech with a major retailer.

TORONTO - Nov 26, 2021 -- MOSHN Life Tech is changing the game in the at home fitness space, bringing together a community of trainers and trainees supported by a powerful app integration and connected health devices. 

MOSHN’s most recent wearable, the MAX 2, tracks personal progress through key metrics such as cadence, distance, kcals, pace and steps. This allows trainers and trainees, friends and other MOSHN community members to monitor their activity with each other in real time.

The MAX 2 connects to the MOSHN App through Bluetooth and builds on the popularity of the MAX 1, adding personal data tracking and sharing for Running & Walking in addition to Biking. 

MOSHN is happy to announce its new retail distribution partnership with Today’s Shopping Choice (TSC). You can find the MAX 2 on TSC online HERE. TSC will also be featuring MOSHN live on-air through December and January. 

“The MOSHN MAX 2 is a truly unique product in the wearable device space for its affordability, 1-to-1 connection to world class trainers and integration with a personalized app”, says Adrian Capobianco, CEO MOSHN. “If you’re looking for a sustainable way to lead a healthier lifestyle, MOSHN’s platform combined with the MAX 2 and connection to trainers, is a phenomenal way to do it.”

To learn more about the MAX 2, visit MOSHN’s website HERE or click on the links below:

- MOSHN MAX 2 - Unboxing

- MOSHN MAX 2 - How To Connect for Bike

- MOSHN MAX 2 - How To Connect For Ride/Run


The personal fitness and health tech market is a huge opportunity that is currently dominated by a few very expensive players. is on a mission to provide affordable personalized fitness to the masses, leveraging technology and customized content to create the most effective and supportive fitness program. MOSHN’s fitness model is different compared to others in the market, uniquely combining smart hardware, content through a personalized app and 1-to-1 access to personal trainers. 

You can download the MOSHN app for free here on iPhone and Android. For more info visit and check out MOSHN on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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About is a complete eco-system that empowers people to live a fit and healthy lifestyle through personalized affordable fitness. Our vision at is to make the world a healthier place through personalized fitness for all and enable members to live a healthier life. users have access to tailored training content, both live and on-demand with personalized access to top coaches and trainers for premium members. Connecting proprietary wearable technology with the app allows users to track personal fitness progress, meet coaches, connect with friends, and live a healthier life through an affordable and easily accessible platform. hardware and app enable coaches and trainers to connect to their existing community and meet new trainees while providing the ultimate fitness experience for their followers. Combining data and the CRM engine, trainers and coaches can lead live and on-demand fitness classes as well as build personalized fitness programs for premium members.

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